Specification power electronics

The power electronic specification is crucial to the success of the project.

An optimal power electronic design needs to be done from a verification perspective from day one. Regulatory demands, efficiency and reliability expectations have a high impact of the project complexity, and it is of the great importance to address these before starting the design work.

Product integration is the next great challenge. Mechanical constraints in dimensions, cooling, connector placement etc need to be known as it might change the topology selection and layout radically.

Of equal importance is system integration. Power design is often part of highly integrated systems where electrical interface as well as redundancy and safety need to be part of the specification.

Yla Sweden have long experience of system integration and embedded software and Bose research have long experience of power electronic verification, design of EMC and safety approval, magnetic design, cooling solution and system integration. Together we provide help to define the specification as part of our services.

We may help also with a pre-study before a project start if part of the spec is open. Read more