Yla Sweden together with Bose Research is your complete partner for your power electronic projects, from small internal Power supplies to high power designs of several kW


For power electronic designs Yla Sweden and Bose Research have a collaboration where Yla act as technical director for Bose Research giving you the best service to a excellent price and with a “local” contact for fast service. The collaboration is open and fully transparent where you get direct contact with the project team and where Yla may provide additional design service for e.g. embedded software and project documentation as well as be part of project with other suppliers.

This page will focus on the collaboration and what we can offer to you.

If you like to know more, contact Yla for a personal presentation of the company and the Bose collaboration.


Power electronics is one of the most interesting fields of design and yet one of the most challenging ones! To design a perfect power solution, several competences need to be in place. Deep understanding of the theory is equally important as long experience of practical verification of robust solutions.

The choice of supplier for your power electronic project need to be made with the experience as the most important factor!

The next important skill of your power design supplier is excellence in project management! Power electronic design is hard projects to manage due to their complexity and the need to combine knowledge with experience.

To handle such project the project management must be closely related to the specification and handle any change or challenge direct as they arise. Without such detailed control small changes may stack up, causing the specification to drag and end up in a situation where the projects get out of control causing extensive an unnecessary extra cost late in the project.


Yla Sweden have 15 years’ experience of power design with focus on integration and communication between the power electronics and other system functions. The company have great interest of industrial design to bring power to your user experience. The company is located close to Stockholm.

Bose Research have 30 years’ experience of designing power electronics worldwide. They have teams of experienced designers and the needed equipment to take power designs through all necessary verifications including functional, reliability, EMC and safety to provide proven designs. Boser Research is located in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.

Bose Research have tuned their project management to be state of the art for managing complex high-power design with full transparency and high quality documentation.

Some examples on the project management toolset for power design project is described below, the examples are illustrative the specific implementation in each project is controlled by the service agreement. Please contact Yla if you like to know more and get a personal presentation.


The core in project management is the specification. It need to be handled with the greatest care to ensure a complete specification in the beginning of the project as well as updating the specification when needed. Read more


Power electronics add complexity to the specification and commonly all parameter of such is not known in an early stage of a project. A great way to solve this is to start the project with a pre-study. Read more


Communication is the key to all collaborations.
Even with the most perfect specification, things might be interpretated differently and it is important to continuously communicate to assure that the implementation of the specification is what the project needs. Read more

Change process

Product development is an iterative process where change of specification is probable and power electronic is no exception. Bose have therefore a well-defined process to handle specification changes without risking losing the control of the project.
Read more