Yla visits Electronica

Yla had a splendid visit to electronica. It was strange feeling to meet colleagues for the first time in real life that I work with for several years already. In the same time it is a valuable reminder of the acceleration in collaboration through online meeting that has happened in the last few years. On … Read more

Yla pictures

Yla is strengthening the service in technical photography. The goal is to be able to add photography to support the other services in technical documentation to add great looking pictures to design documentation, installation picture or when time to market is critical and there is little time to engage a photo studio. More information and … Read more

New highlight section

A new section is added to the homepage. Many of the current projects will be running longer time and some project is even classified and cannot be published. The list of reference projects is by this quite short. The idea with this new section is to be able to share some part of the ongoing … Read more

Dymla – Air purification for babies

Dymla is a Swedish startup that have developed a portable air purification for babies. The product is available for purchase and have been awarded with a red dot award Yla have supported the company with the electronic design of their product.