Industrial design offer a complete design service from idea to approved product.

Yla have an extensive network with close collaboration with electronic manufacturer, industrial designer and test house for compliance testing ensuring the service from ide to product.


Industrial design is al about see a need from a user perspective and understand how to solve it by a technical solution


Simulation is a creative approach to electronic design where ideas may be tested and valuated by small means. The simulation is then important input during prototype verification and tuning


Schematic design in various software, also opensource alternatives!


Layout, to prototype, proof of concept to volume production


Yla design software in various forms, embedded software for products, PLC based system for products and automatization and LabVIEW for automated testing and device interfacing


Yla works continuously in line with regulatory demands and can help interpreting demands for certain products, design and document a product to prove compliance and support with necessary external testing to go from idea to proven product