Pre-study power electronics

It is common that the initial specification of a project only covers part of the needed data. In such case the specification reflects your strength, maybe you are strong on the embedded part of the system and have advanced interface specification, but the power electronics topology is not of your direct interest. Or you might have deep understanding of the power electronics and like to convert to a new transistor technology, update your transformer or change the topology, having a clear goal but limited resources to define all parameters.

When only part of the specification is defined, a pre-study is the best approach. Bose Research have great tools and long experience to fill in the blanks. Topology selection, transistor evaluation and magnetic design is made in a wide span of projects. What’s new in your project might already been tested or the unknown part might be simulated or tested as proof of concept to complement the specification to get a complete set of data before starting the project.

A pre-study also gives a great input to get a detailed quotation for a complex project!